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How to book a successful event

MassagingDallas is a cost-effective and time-efficient provider of high quality on-site massage services. We don’t want to waste a minute of the session time that you pay for. Contact us for a price quote. We can match or beat any documented bid.

How do you decide on what on-site massage services to use?
Take a survey of your possible participants. Supplement it with educational material about the options and health benefits. In general, most often clients choose Chair Massage. It requires a small work area, provides therapeutic massage in short sessions and participants are fully clothed. A Foot or Hand Reflexology treatment is an excellent option for enhancing the experience. It can be blended with both Chair and Table Massage. Aromatherapy, Energy Work, Swedish, Lymphatic, Deep Pressure and Gentle Touch Techniques, and other therapeutic enhancements may be used in the sessions. Here is a list of some on-site massages services available.

  • Chair Massage: (15-30 min)
  • Integrative Table Massage: 60-90 min
  • Chair Massage/Reflexology Combo: 30-75 min
  • Reflexology Treatments: 20-60 min
  • Relaxation Music & Sound Therapy
What about the coordination of the event?
It’s best for the designated contact person to coordinate all of the scheduling for appointments. At times, there are schedule changes (no shows or cancellations), some at the last minute. We closely coordinate the shifts with your contact person. To avoid wasting your money, we do everything possible to fill in time gaps by recruiting other participants, adding extra time for sessions and offering gift certificates for those who can’t attend the event. Your contact person helps to facilitate scheduling, sign up and any promotion of the event.
Is package pricing available?
In today’s market, everyone is looking for the best, most cost-effective deals. We offer package pricing, passing on savings to our customers. Repeat customers get the best prices. In addition, anyone who participates in the massage event gets 30% off on their first visit to our Clinic. After that, it’s 20% off on individual sessions for up to six months; 33% off on the first package purchase. Packages purchased by cash or check receive the highest discount. All discount pricing is for Clinic visits only. Home visits have different pricing and may require a travel fee.
How do you schedule an event?
While it’s best to schedule an event well in advance, we’ll work with you on short notice. Designate a company contact to work with us. Set a date, decide on the services to be provided, find out the demand for our services, get a head count and establish how long you want the sessions to last. We’ll follow up with an estimate of the costs, shift hours, how many Massage Therapists may be required and other pertinent information.
What steps are needed to promote participation and sign up for the event?
We’ve learned that the most effective ways to boost participation at company events are advance marketing, promotion and encouraging the active support from executives and managers. At special events in public venues, pre-event promotions, on-site marketing (flyers and brochures) and special offers (free drawings, etc.) are big draws for participants.
Where do you locate the massage event? What are the requirements for our work area?
At your place of business, the massage sessions require a somewhat secluded location, away from noise and activity. Most often, companies choose conference rooms or unused offices. Relaxing music is provided for participants, along with healthy therapeutic oils and lotions (optional). These substances do not stain or damage clothing. For special events and public venues, space can be allocated in vendor booths or some other strategic location. In outdoor settings, extreme weather conditions may require planning for an alternate indoor venue.
What if the event needs to be cancelled?
A minimum two week cancellation notice is necessary for company or special events. Unless you are a regular customer, a booking deposit is required to secure and schedule your date(s) for an event. The deposit fee is 30% of the total price or a $150 minimum. A billing of 30% of the total price will be charged for a late cancellation within 48 hours of the event. With less than 24 hour notice, the percentage payment is 50% of total billing. With less than a two week notice, your deposit fee will not be refunded. A rescheduling option is available to avoid the penalty payment. In the case of extreme weather conditions or serious emergencies, the payment penalty is not applicable. The client is welcome to reschedule the event.

When we work with event vendors these cancellation policies do not apply. In public venues, we are either paid by sponsors or charge the public directly for sessions. If we are paying vendor fees in advance for booth space and the event is cancelled, we expect to be refunded in full within a reasonable amount of time.

What types of payment for services do we accept?

We accept payments by cash or check, debit or credit cards. There are special discounts for cash or check payments.


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