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Reflexology I, II & III – Courses of Study

(For the curious, passionate and serious student)

These classes offer a unique opportunity to learn about Reflexology, to obtain, absorb and take with you an abundant amount of information concerning this ancient healing art and 21st century science. It is an invitation to explore your natural talents, healing energies and willingness to grow as a practitioner. This series of courses (Reflexology I, II & III) can provide you with the knowledge, practice and the basic foundation to become a highly-skilled Reflexologist.

Reflexology I: An Introduction

An Introduction (6-10 hrs.)

  • Brief History & Holistic Nature
  • Overview: Theories of Zone Therapy & Meridian Therapy (Incl. physiology and anatomy)
  • Foot & Hand Mapping of Reflex Points
  • Health Benefits of Reflexology
  • Reflexology Treatment Process
  • Basic Techniques & Strategies

Learn about theories and practice, mapping of the feet and hands, proven benefits, the treatment process, techniques and strategies for treatment. Practice hands-on techniques and strategies to treat health issues.

Course material includes Ken’s Reflexology Manual, foot & hand color charts, articles and handouts, 10-15 minute Reflexology demonstration sessions in class.